Vegas Style Spring Break Package

Vegas Style Spring Break Package

When you think of a good Spring break party, you probably think of long days and wild nights at the beach. Traditionally, this is exactly what the Spring Break festivities meant to thousands of college students in the U.S. Traditional hang-outs along the Gulf Coast in Florida and Texas have become so overwhelmed with visitors, students are looking for alternative places to hang out.

While newer Spring Break hangouts have sprung up in California, Arizona and even in Mexico, many students are also looking at Las Vegas as the next cool Spring Break resort. This is especially true for students in their third to fifth year of school. This demographic is well suited to enjoy all of the festivities that Vegas has to offer.

Just like in high school, college students tend to hang out with those closer to their age group. Younger college students have a harder time partying in Vegas because of the tight age restrictions for drinking and gaming. On the other hand, college students who are 21 years old and older will have no problem entering into club to listen to the world-famous DJs spin their sets.

Older college students can easily enjoy some of the most innovative party drinks in the bar scene. Most important, most college students 21 years old or older usually don’t want to hang around 18 year old freshmen. They want to enjoy a grown-up Spring Break party experience.

Party Las Vegas, via Plantinum Passports can set up college students with a different type of Spring Break experience. They can create a Vegas-style pool party tour, held at the premier hotels known to attract young, sexy young adults from all over the country and often, from around the world. After a day meeting and greeting everyone, Party Las Vegas can escort students during their club crawl package experience.

The best news about the club crawl package is that the client is in total control of their party experience. This allows students visiting Vegas for their Spring Break holiday to sample all of the hottest clubs that they’ve read about in celebrity news articles. Party Las Vegas can provide VIP entry that will allow students to quickly get entered into the center of some of the world’s largest parties, along with After Party entry. This allows the festivities to continue well into the next afternoon.

Question: Are you an older college student who doesn’t want to hang around the “first time away from home” crowd? Are you tired of hanging in second-rate, stale-smelling, cost-inflated hotels for spring break? Are you looking for a different type of party experience? Let us know in the comments below!
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